15 Fascinating Health Benefits of Mushrooms

About 100 species of mushrooms are being studied for their health-promoting benefits. Of those hundred, about a half dozen stand out for their ability to deliver a tremendous boost to your immune system. One dietary analysis found that mushroom consumption was associated with better diet quality and improved nutrition.

Furthermore, did you know that according to a number of studies, several mushrooms
have been shown to prevent bacterial adhesion, biofilms, cavities,
periodontal disease, and inflammation? This has huge benefits when it comes to caring for your teeth and gums.

Shitake mushrooms, for example, contain a polysaccharide called lentinan, which prevents the growth of bacteria in the mouth. Lentinan has also been celebrated for its immune-boosting properties.

So, alongside regular checkups with a Dentist in Indialantic or a dentist in your area, if you are looking for ways to promote good oral health, you might want to consider incorporating more mushrooms into your diet.

Read on for 15 more fascinating mushroom facts.

1. The familiar button mushroom, cremini and the Portobello aid in for weight loss.

2. They also have been shown to help prevent prostate cancer.

3. The white mushroom has a special carbohydrate that stokes the metabolic fire increasing metabolism.

4. White mushrooms also help to maintain blood sugar levels.

5. White mushrooms are also high in selenium which not only helps with thyroid issues but also boosts the immune system, helps fight cancer, acts as an antioxidant and increases longevity.

15 Fascinating Health Benefits of Mushrooms -6. Shiitake, the flavorful, meaty mushrooms has been shown to fight tumors. It also contains lentinan which is a natural anti-tumor compound. The Japanese use shiitake as an anti-cancer treatment.

7. Shiitake are also an excellent source of vitamin D.

8. A half of a cup per day of maitake mushrooms is said to be able to sweep the system, find abnormal cells and cause them to self-destruct. At the same time, maitake mushrooms can trigger the body to release killer immune system cells.

9. Oyster mushrooms are being studied as a possible defense against HIV.

10. Looking like a single mini-trumpet the chanterelle mushroom has been associated with anti-microbial, bacterial and fungal properties.

11. Chanterelle mushrooms are also good sources of vitamin C, D and potassium.

12. Porcini are a meaty mushroom similar to the Portabello and have been used as a successful anti-inflammatory.

13. Porcini’s also contain the compound ergosterol which is capable of cytotoxicity which is the process of attacking enemy cells.

14. Shimeji mushrooms are the tiny capped, long stemmed species that can be found in many Asian soups or as a garnish. Shimeji mushrooms contain beta-glucans. According to the National Cancer Institute of Japan this compound is a successful remedy for retarding and destroying growing tumors.

15 Fascinating Health Benefits of Mushrooms

15. Shimeji mushrooms can also help diabetes, asthma and certain allergies by enhancing the immune system and boosting its healing capabilities.