A Family of Lions Relaxing

Lions live in groups called “Prides.”  Lions are the only cat species that form these social groups.  Every single other cat species act as loners.  A pride will typically consist of about 5 female lions, 2 male lions and their young.  In the wild lions live about 10-14 years and in captivity they can live longer than 20 years.

Males in the wild, however, will usually not live more than 10 years due to their rough lifestyles; with respect to the pride the male lions must fight for their right to be part of the pride and will typically remain in a pride for 3-4 years until they are ousted by another male lion.  It is easy to tell a male lion apart from a female lion as the male lion has a longer and more shaggy mane around his head whereas the female does not.  Did you know male lions can weigh over 550 pounds (250kg)!  Wow.  Fierce.