Most bee-eater species are found in Africa and Asia, but there are also bee-eaters in southern Europe, Australia and New Guinea.  They have beautiful vibrant colors and are a magnificent sight!  There are a total of 26 species of bee-eater birds.  These birds are names bee-eaters because they eat flying insects, especially bees.  They also like to eat ants and wasps.

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  • European Bee-eater (Merops Apiaster)
  • European bee-eater (Merops Apiaster)
  • European bee-eater (Merops Apiaster)
  • Couple of bee-eaters, perched on a twig
  • Blue Tailed Bee Eater bird of Thailand

The way in which the bee-eater bird eats a bee or an insect with a stinger is interesting; after catching the bee, the bee-eaters will hit and rub the bee on a hard surface to remove the stinger and most of the venom prior to eating it.

The bee-eaters form families where the parents tend to their young.  The bee-eaters also live in community where other bee-eaters sometimes help care for younger birds in the colony.  This is a very unique behavior in birds.