Capuchin Monkeys

Capuchin monkeys are also known as “white faces monkeys” and are commonly known to occupy lowland forests, mainly in the dry deciduous forest on the Pacific coast and the Caribbean coast. White faces monkeys are different from other monkeys, in that, they have black, brown or buff colored bodies but their upper part, that is, the chest and the shoulders are white and a white face with a cap on top of their forehead which is either black, brown or buff.

Two Capuchin Monkeys

The capuchin monkeys are known to swing their tails most and especially while on trees. They are categorized and the new world monkeys because of their diet which includes ants and they enjoy resting and traveling as well as foraging. With their diverse diet, the white faces monkey mostly affects the vegetative populations, and they can easily destroy vegetation plants as they get the ants.

They are however attractive and are not known to be harmful to human beings, thus friendly and are a great source of tourists attractions.

Capuchin Monkey