The dragonfly is one of the fastest insects in the world. It has an elongated body with four wings, two on each side of its abdomen. Dragonflies are predatory insects and they feed on smaller insects like mosquitoes, flies, bees and moths. Because they eat these insects, they are usually found around marshlands and wet environments. The dragonfly, even as a predator however, is definitely lower on the food chain in nature.  Its natural predators are frogs, birds and other small mammals.

Dragonfly in garden or in green nature

In addition to four wings, dragonflies also have 6 legs.  They are not very adept at walking thought and flight is their primary means of getting around.

The Japanese culture is fond of dragonflies.  They view dragonflies as being a welcome sign of early and late summer as well as early autumn.  The Japanese also view dragonflies as a symbol of courage, strength, and happiness.