Gerber Daisy

Pink Gerber DaisyThe Gerber Daisy is also known as Gerbera Daisy, and comes from the genus Asteraceae. The flowers are part of a grouping know as ornamental plants. These particular flowers are known for their enormous capitulums.

A capitulum is actually a grouping of individual flowers that look like one large flower. They also have a distinctive characteristic to their ray florets. The florets are often white, while the tips can vary in color. Some of the more common colors of gerber daisies are yellow, pink, and red.

Gerbera’s native home is actually a very large region that spans the continents of Asia, South America, and Africa. They tends to grow in tropical climates, where warmth and water are readily available.  Many people keep potted gerber daisies as they are very pretty in decorating.  Further, they are a great choice for cut flower arrangements and are frequently seen in this use.