Giraffes are long-necked herbivorous animals native to Africa. Giraffes are the tallest animals in the world. They can grow to heights of 14 to 19 feet. Their legs alone can be six feet long. Giraffes roam the plains of Africa, searching for food, in small herds. They use their long necks to reach leaves in tall trees. Giraffes also have unique tongues that are long and tough, so they can wrap around spiny branches and pull off tiny leaves.

Giraffes generally live to about 25 years old in the wild. Because they are so large and powerful, giraffes have few predators. Their height also makes it easier for them to spot predators approaching. Giraffes can be vulnerable, however, when they need a drink. Bending their long bodies close to the ground to reach water can leave them open to attacks, so they generally drink in shifts, watching over each other.