Gorillas form part of the most interesting and entertaining animals.  They are the closest species to human beings after the bonobo and common chimpanzee.  Gorillas are primarily in Central Africa and in other parts of the world though not as in Central Africa. They are found in two major species and 4 to 5 subspecies.  They are predominantly known to be ground dwelling herbivorous apes inhabiting mostly in the forests. The two main species of gorillas are the lowland gorillas, commonly found in lowland swamps and dense forest areas, and the mountain gorilla commonly known to dwell in mountainous areas such as the commonly known the Albertine Rift mountain.

The attested characters or relations of gorillas are highly similar or close to those of human beings save for the fact that they dwell in the forests unlike human beings. Their closest living relatives apart from the chimpanzees and the bonodos are human beings.