Known scientifically as Equus ferus caballus, the horse belongs to the family Equidae. Horses come in various behaviors, colors and sizes, depending on the breed. If you’re a horse lover – try these ideas for your bedroom.
They serve many different purposes in society, particularly in non-competitive recreational pursuits as well as sports competitions, this all about the owner having the best horse racing tips to win the races and pocket big money! Furthermore, people use this kind of hoofed mammal for therapy, assisted learning and agriculture. If you”re thinking of getting a horse, take a look at these horse barns.

  • Beautiful Arabian Horse
  • Belgian Draft horse and cat
  • Black friesian horse play on the meadow
  • Chestnut arabian running free in snow
  • Chestnut bavarian horse in field
  • Drinking herd with many wild horses at Easter Island
  • Drinking Horses
  • Grazing in the field
  • Highland Pony
  • Horse looking through
  • Horses in Snow
  • Horses on the pasture at the seaside near Ahu Tahai, close to Hanga Roa
  • Horses running through the water.
  • Kissing Horses
  • Landscape with horses under the moonlight.
  • Northern horse from Yakutia
  • Paint Mare at Dusk in Field
  • Portrait of three horses
  • Running Horses
  • Two running horses (OWV) - r

Draft Horses. Clydesdales, Belgian Drafts, Percherons, and the Shire are probably the most popularly known draft (heavy) horses. Less known are the Suffolk, Boulonnais, Norwegian Fjords, American Cream Draft, Irish Draught or the French Mulassier (one of may endangered domestic draft species). Generally, draft horses are larger (up to 20 hands high), heavier, slower, large hoofed, heavy-limbed and more sure footed. They are used for pulling, harness teams, fieldwork, and shows; some drafts may be ridden dressage – this includes the Shire, Percheron, or Norwegian Fjord

Ponies and Miniatures (e.g. Shetland, Iceland). Less than 14.2 hands high, these creatures have minimal space requirements; feed costs of ponies and miniature horses are beneficial. Approaching extinction as European Royal Courts declined and facing continental scattering, some ponies were imported to the US to haul ore. Later, they were crossbred with draft ponies to produce a heavy boned workers. Others, like the tiny old-world Arabians, are scarce resulting from infusion with other small-blooded horses. American enthusiasts reestablished classic Arabian miniatures; they’re inter-continentally outsourcing.

Light horses (e.g. Arabian, Thoroughbred). These beauties are intermediate, rarely taller than 17 hands. The Thoroughbred is probably the best known breed in the world — and the most valuable.