Jupiter is the largest planet in the universe; in fact, it is so big that it could fit all the other planets of the solar system in it. Jupiter is a gaseous planet with its atmosphere being mainly composed of hydrogen and helium.
Jupiter ~ https://ourbeautifulworldanduniverse.com/jupiter.html
The colorful swirls that can be seen on Jupiter are created by the movement of the gases in the upper atmospheric layer which is created by winds that can reach speeds of 400 miles per hour. Although the swirls change shape all the time there is a Famous “red spot” that has been on Jupiter for over 400 years. This red spot is the largest and most violent storm in the whole solar system with wind speeds exceeding 270 miles per hour.
Jupiter has at least 63 moons but the four primary moons (known as the Galilean satellites) Callisto, Europa, Io and Ganymede were discovered by Galileo. Ganymede is actually the largest moon in the universe too.
Believe it or not, Jupiter just like any other planet that is made of gas has rings round it. Jupiter’s three rings where not discovered until 1979 by NASA’s Voyager 1. These rings are much fainter then the rings of other planets.