The Kangaroo is a marsupial that has very powerful hind legs and large feet made for jumping from place to place. They also have a large tail, used for balance. The Kangaroo is prevalent in Australia, Tasmania, New Guinea and surrounding Islands.

The female Kangaroos have a pouch called a marsupium that is used for their offspring. When a young one known as a Joey is born, it grows up to maturity in the marsupium. The female Kangaroo is generally smaller than the male although these animals range in size from five to six feet tall and weigh between 50 and 120 pounds. However, some males have been known to reach a powerful 200 pounds. Kangaroos can travel up to 30 miles per hour and can jump up to 30 feet.

Kangaroos have thick gray, brown or red wooly hair, live in forest, woodlands and grassy plains and feed mostly on grasses. They can survive long periods without water. They travel together in groups known as “mobs” and is dominated by the largest male in the clan.