Lynx Cat

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  • Eurasian Lynx Cat
  • Beautiful wild lynx in winter.
  • Lynx in the Bayerischer Wald National Park.
  • Lynx in winter.
  • Lynx

A lynx cat is a medium-sized wild cat characterized by a short tail and black tufts on the tips of its ears. The word ‘lynx’ is derived from the root ‘leuk’ meaning light or brightness. This can refer to the luminescence of its eyes, that tend to reflect brightly. Lynx are often known as bobcats in the United States and Canada, and these are the smallest of the species. The largest is the Eurasian lynx, found in the European and Siberian forests.

Lynx Cat in Winter

Lynx are usually solitary hunters, feeding on a wide range of animals, such as deer, hares, sheep, turkeys, goats, birds and rodents. They tend to live in high-altitude forests, but hunt for prey on the ground. They are agile and can quickly climb trees and swim to catch fish. Hunting lynx is illegal in many countries, and the Iberian lynx, native to Southern Europe, is the most endangered cat species in the world.