Although ordinarily referred to as the Peacock, the name Peafowl represents both the male Peacock and the female Peahen. The male, Peacock, can reach as large as 6 feet. The exquisite tail feathers of the Peacock, designed to attract females, make up more than 60 percent of its size. In contrast to the males, the females are brown to camouflage them in the brush protecting their nests.

Peacock in Zoo Commonly known for the look of the Indian Peacock with its blue and green feather and the unmistakable design resembling an eye of the tip of each tail feather. This variety of Peafowl is the national bird of India and is a protected species. Other varieties of Peafowl include the Congo Peafowl, of Africa and the Green Peafowl of Southeast Asia. Wild Peafowl live up to 20 years and are found in large groups called parties.

Beautiful peacock.