Tigers are the largest cat in its species, reaching up to 11 feet long (3.3 meters) and weighting about 670 lbs. (306 kg). An adult tiger can exceed a lion by over 100 lbs. in weight. They are recognized by the perfect pattern of dark lines on the golden, orange, or brown color skin. It has been much speculation about the longevity of this powerful animal as they are dwindling in existence in the wild.  Their life spans are between 20 to 25 years, both in the wild, and in captivity. Tigers are very territorial and loners most of the time.

(This is a view of a fierce Sumatran Tiger. Published with permission under license.  © Naveed Asger.)

There are nine subspecies of tigers, three of which are extinct and two very well known today, these are the Bengal, and the Siberian tiger, and they represent the largest cats living in the world. The above picture represents a Sumatran tiger.  The female tigresses of all tiger subspecies are smaller, and have a reduced forepaw pads. Biologists can recognize their gender by the clean tracks.

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