Winter Birds

During wintertime, the majority of birds migrate to warmer climates with greater resources during cold months.  Some birds, however, stay in the same place and have a permanent residency all year long.  Likewise, many birds migrate to Northern temperatures during springtime to feast on newly hatched insects and blooming vegetation.  Birds that do not migrate are able to withstand colder temperatures and as longs at the food supply stays ample during winter, they stay put.  Enjoy this slideshow of winter birds.

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  • A Black- Capped Chickadee sitting on spruce and hawthorn branches.
  • Bird on dried flowers
  • Bullfinch
  • Common Redpoll bird, male, perched on a branch.
  • Male Downy Woodpecker on a snowy branch with bright red berries.
  • Pheasant in Winter
  • Winter Birds
  • Winter Birds