Zebras are native to Africa, belonging to several species of African equines. Its distinctive marks of black lines, unique to each animal individually, make it recognizable to the common eye.  Zebras are generally social animals and typically live in herds. The average zebra can measure a little less than 5 ft. (1.4m) height at the shoulder, and about 6 to 8 ft. (2.5m) long. Females are slightly smaller.

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These exotic animals have great stamina, which they use to defend themselves from predators when they are pursued. The ability to run in a zigzagging pattern is extremely valuable in that task. Zebras have a great sense of sight.

Females mature much earlier than males. They can give birth at the age of three while males cannot reproduce until they are roughly five or six years old. The zebra has not been domesticated and it is thought to be impossible to domesticate the zebra.